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About Richard Clark

My name is Richard Clark aka Rich Clark. I am one of a rare breed of senior marketing professionals.  I can boast significant experience in all the traditional forms of marketing, including brand, advertising, sponsorship and experiential whilst also being a digital native, having shaped marketing plans when eCommerce was in its infancy (and still called eBusiness).

Add to this the fact I have held roles that have kept me abreast of advances in content marketing, social, influencer engagement and of course international marketing, I believe I can present a very well rounded view of all things marketing.

When speaking to people, they seem surprised at the depth of knowledge I can present on digital and traditional marketing.  Most people seem to have a strength and passion in one camp.  I however, consider all nuances of marketing my passion.

Most recently I was Marketing Director for one of the world’s leading online fashion retailers.  My main achievements included but were not limited to, leading the international growth of the business with significant success in USA, Australia and France but with growth in all our overseas territories.  The city announcements also endorse my ability to drive the marketing programmes from both an effectiveness standpoint but also efficiently, these being regularly quoted to the city.  Obviously the content, social and influencer strategy that I developed also saw us grow our social following and engagement beyond all recognition.  Throw in a brand refresh, ATL campaigns that have made boohoo a go to brand and optimal digital activity, ensured the marketing activity was largely responsible for boohoo’s significant growth.

This activity lead to me being recognised in  Marketing’s Power 100 for 2015, and somehow shortlisted for CIM Northern Marketer of the year 2016.  Ironic, as I live in the south.

Previously I was at Argos looking after the commercial aspects of their digital offer and playing a leading role in the digital transformation project.  This opened me to all aspects of ecommerce including merchandising, multi-variate testing and content management.  In addition to the store transformation bringing digital to the heart of the customer experience and of course digital marketing.

Before Argos I was at the world’s largest consumer electronics retailer Best Buy . My main tasks were to build the brand in readiness for its launch in the UK.  This was a unique opportunity to launch a large scale brand as a start up and ensure the marketing and brand is built from an integrated standpoint.  In my role I am Head of Online Marketing with overall responsibility for strategy and the activation plan.  I am also shaped the entire brand and communications strategy pre-launch to ensure we generate a strong point of differentiation from day one.  In addition I created the complete Social Media strategy that has one plaudits with industry commentators and also recognised us in the Top 100 Social Brands, ranking us in fifth place.  I also developed the online strategy that has driven sales to aggressive targets and generated significant share on online business in our sector.  This resulted in us winning ‘Best Newcomer’ at the 2011 A4U Awards.

Prior to Best Buy I was Head of eCommerce Marketing at DSGi, responsible for a large team that drove all online acquisitional marketing for the core UK chains of Currys, Dixons, PC World and The Link.  My team is responsible for Search Marketing, Affiliates, Price Comparisons, eMail, CRM, Display and Social/UGC.

I joined DSGi from Nationwide Building Society where I held a variety of roles.  I led teams and devised strategies on internet marketing, digital advertising, product management and sponsorship.

I have also contributed to a number of industry titles including: NMA, Revolution, Marketing, Marketing Week and Internet Retailing.  In addition I have spoken at a number of conferences on internet marketing.

If you are interested and would like to learn more about me, please visit my profile on LinkedIn – Richard Clark

6 thoughts on “About Richard Clark

  1. Richard, I am the Ad Director in El Paso Texas. I believe you left me a voice message last week that Ray Stafford had ask for you to call me. If this is you could you please email me your number so I can make contact.

    Thank you in advance,
    Gary Miller

  2. good one i luv it,

  3. Hi Richard,

    Apologies you & I have not spoken before. I work for a headhunting business based in London, called Ferrari Healy. We recruit senior level ales and marketing candidates for a range of leading clients across digital, media, entertainement and consumer.

    I am sure you are very happy where you are, but I wanted to highligh a senior digital / online role with Samsung and wondered if you may be interested.

    You can buzz me directly on 07590 200 833 or email at theaddress provided.

    Nick Mehta

  4. Apologies for the spelling and grammatical errors in the last post!

  5. woot, thankyou! I finally came to a site where the webmaster knows what they’re talking about. Do you know how many results are in Google when I search.. too many! It’s so annoying having to go from page after page after page, wasting my day away with thousands of people just copying eachother’s articles… bah. Anyway, thankyou very much for the info anyway, much appreciated.

  6. Long time no speak Richard, thought provoking article, having spent 18 years working for Dixons Stores Group and after 21 years still working for Sports Direct, and many other retailers, I do have to concur with a lot of what you said, especially about online retailers, however High Street retail woes are exacerbated by the huge business rates, unreasonable landlords and local council parking restrictions, add to that low paid, untrained and generally disincentivised staff ( which is down to the retailers themselves) and you have a toxic cocktail creates the High Street of today.
    However I agree that forward thinking retailers who can create an ‘experiential’ atmosphere instore will attract consumers to their stores, ‘going shopping’ was always meant to be a pleasurable experience a reward for someone’s hard work, a nice treat, at the moment, we’ve kind of lost that. My unique retail experience built over decades of working with some of the biggest retail’s pioneers of the 90’s has led me to develop my own specialist business in retail, focused on driving footfall into stores, I think the biggest challenges lie ahead and I can’t wait to see where it all goes,. Retail Isn’t Dead Its Just Evolving !

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