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Benjamin Shalom the entrepreneur behind Ultimate Boxxer

Young Entrepreneurs – Benjamin Shalom

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So in the second of my posts acknowledging young entrepreneurs (the first being Social Chain’s Steven Bartlett) I would like to showcase Benjamin Shalom.

Benjamin Shalom the entrepreneur behind Ultimate Boxxer

Benjamin Shalom the entrepreneur behind Ultimate Boxxer

Benjamin first came to my attention a couple of years back, when I was still working in Manchester, but with N Brown. He randomly contacted me on LinkedIn asking for advice.  I met him a couple of times and it was clear  that he clearly has his head screwed on.

Benjamin had toyed with a few career paths, having been in law firms and even setting  up his own fastfood delivery service. He obviously has a passion for  live events and a love for boxing. The two simply collided to create Ultimate Boxxer, which Benjamin set  up and still runs.

Whilst I did offer some early guidance and help (or at least I hope I did), including on the branding and concept, very little input was needed.  Benjamin’s passion, determination and ability to get things done was actually inspiring to me. There were things he didn’t know, but that didn’t matter. He would source the answers and make it happen.  An attribute sadly lacking in many people.

Image result for ultimate boxxer

In the action at Ultimate Boxxer II

Since those early days, Ultimate Boxxer has grown and there are many events planned this year and without doubt in to next. He has secured two broadcasting deals with the current one a large deal with  BT Sports.  All this while creating a compelling format for boxing that T20 did for cricket. Fast action, entertainment, knock outs and a big cash  prizes.

Watch out for Benjamin Shalom and of course make sure you take in some Ultimate Boxxer, the man and the format are winners.

Follow Benjamin Shalom on LinkedIn

Love to hear your comments and views by replying here. If there are any entrepreneurs under 30 you think  I should cover, please let me know.

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