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Richard Clark on the Web

Richard Clark on the Web

This page contains links to pages that feature me on the Internet.  Mainly for my benefit but some of you may find it interesting as well.

Richard Clark on Twitter – Follow me on Twitter @mrrichclark

Richard Clark LinkedIn Profile – Look at my LinkedIn profile and feel free to request a connection if you know me

Best Buy let users purchase via Facebook – Article on MAD and in NMA about Best Buy launching a Facebook store

Best Buy Facebook store – Infinite Path’s Take on launch of Best Buy Facebook store

Revolution article about the Dynamic Video project that was set-up by Richard Clark – this was an article in Revolution magazine that highlighted the dynamic video project I developed with RTC whilst I was at Nationwide.  The concept proved a massive success and has since been rolled out on Nationwide on an ongoing basis.  It has also won an award at NMA awards in 2008

Article on Richard Clark discussing launch of Facebook page – This article was captured after I spoke at the Revolution Forum at Celtic Manor in 2008.  It outlines the launch of Dixons Facebook page.  Something relatively new for Retail at the time

Richard Clark Profile on Search Engine Strategies (SES) – I was Marketing Manager for Dixons at the time and I presented on the benefits of a joined up approach to PPC and Organic Search.  I also fielded questions as part of a panel hosted by Internet Retailing’s Ian Jindal.

Article on Richard Clark joining DSGi – This is an article in Revolution announcing my departure from Nationwide after 6 years to face a new challenge at DSGi.  At the time I was recruited to run the Marketing of the UK Pureplay businesses.  I have since been promoted to head up all eCommerce Marketing in the UK for the group.  Also accessible from this accessmylibrary link

Article in Marketing Magazine on taming technology – outlining how we can harness technology to help improve our marketing efforts.  Covering social media and buzz metrics

Announcement of Richard Clark speaking at 2008 A4Uexpo – Not a lot of content on the page.  The event was really interesting and I was on a panel with affiliates and networks discussing voucher code use.  Hero, made a small mistake confusing me as working for Comet.  I obviously corrected her in front of the audience.

Copy of Hero’s presentation before my panel appearance at 2008 A4Uexpo – OK, so not really me apart from by name.  But an interesting presentation from Hero on voucher codes

Chris Frost (Frostie) Blog Post on WebAffiliate – Referencing me as a co-speaker prior to the A4Uexpo.  Frostie is one of the most established and respected affiliates in the UK.  It was a pleasure to be on the panel with Chris.


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